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from good to great. unlock your kid's true potential.

The culture of youth sports is broken. Our goal is to provide the resources to repair this for the long term potential of every athlete.

We believe you, the parent, are the most essential part of your child's experience in sports. In a culture that has long made parents the problem, we provide you the tools that will make you the "Hero", to your children, coaches, instructors and officials. Order today!

get started today! unlock your kid's true potential with these high impact parent guidebooks. the sooner you get started, the more successful your kid can be!


Turn On The Volume

Travis Snider "Success"

Travis Snider "Pressure"

Travis Snider "Parents"

Travis Snider "Perspective"

Travis Snider "Broken Cult"

Travis Snider "Safety"

Travis Snider "Relationship"

Travis Snider "Identity"

Travis Snider "What Is 3A

Travis Snider "Love"

Seth Taylor "Expectations"

Seth Taylor "Sense of Self"

Seth Taylor "Feedback Loop"

Seth Taylor "Roller Coaster"

Seth Taylor "Grit"

Seth Taylor "Fun"

Seth Taylor "The Birth of 3A"

Seth Taylor "Beauty"

Seth Taylor "Transformation"

3A "Conclusion"


Examining healthy and unhealthy approaches to competition, 3A Athletics helps parents and coaches find their best self and teaches them how to be their student athletes’ biggest asset in their sporting life, changing the competitive landscape of Youth Sports in America at a time when it is needed most.  3A Athletics is dedicated to training the whole athlete: body, mind and spirit. Learn more about healthier approach to soccer and athletic training of all kinds. 3A Athletic still holds to these principles and mission:


3A ATHLETICS will be featuring online content and curriculum athletes, parents, instructors

and coaches can use to build the foundation upon which the athlete can build their lives. 


   • Athletes and how they think and play.

   • Parents and how they interact, respond and support

their children, coaches, instructors & officials


   • Instructors how they evaluate, train and create culture


   • Coaches and how they evaluate, and create culture

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José Bautista
6X Major League
Baseball All-Star


Andrew McCutchen
5X Major League
Baseball All-Star

NL - MVP 2013


Russell Martin
4X Major League
Baseball All-Star


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