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About Us

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Author - Speaker - Director of Content

My primary drive in life is to bring new levels of awareness to people of all backgrounds as to how they carry their life story deep within them and how that story affects the world around them for negative or positive. It’s in the raising of this awareness that 3A will show our audience how to heal, transform, and enhance their world. I coached soccer and basketball for 20 years after playing both at a high level, but never as high as I wished. This left me with questions as to why my relationship with high performance in the world of sports was full of anxiety and depression and so deprived of the joy and excitement we normally associate with sports. 

As I have sought the answers to those questions over the years, I have felt compelled to teach others and create content that can bring people into their own awareness in transformative ways. As the Director of Content for 3A Athletics, I am dedicated to writing, speaking, teaching, and creating content that lifts the world up and transforms the world of youth sports into a healthy and powerful place where kids can go and play….and find out who they are on the field.  

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As the CEO of 3A Athletics, my primary objective is to transform our company into a catalyst for significant change in the realm of youth, college, and professional sports. I am fully committed to driving business development initiatives and actively contributing to the creation of compelling content and the sale of innovative products. Leveraging my extensive network within the baseball industry, I am eager to utilize my connections in professional sports and the media to revolutionize the discourse surrounding mental health in sports and life. This entails reimagining how we approach parenting, coaching, and the pressures associated with athletic performance, with a particular focus on supporting athletes at all levels. Our company aims to empower parents and coaches by providing them with valuable products, content, and services that help navigate the intense environment of youth sports. Ultimately, my overarching goal is to assist players in establishing a resilient sense of identity and self-worth beyond their athletic pursuits, ensuring they are well-prepared for the inevitable transition away from the field.

As 3A Athletics expands, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assemble and lead a team of dedicated individuals who share our mission and uphold the unique culture we have fostered. Nurturing strategic partnerships and cultivating relationships with both current and former professional athletes, as well as experts in Peak Performance, Coaching, and learning, will be integral to our growth. By joining forces with these key stakeholders, we can continue to push the boundaries of sports psychology and holistic development, solidifying our position as leaders in the field.

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Chief Strategic Officer
Director of Marketing

I am a father of four children including two sons who played baseball. My youngest son played Division I Baseball at Washington State University and was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers. He played professional baseball for five years. 


I also have an extensive teams organization background, running a youth baseball teams organization called the Northwest Bandits as General Manager from 2008 through 2012. The Northwest Bandits was an organization that managed several teams, leased their own facility and conducted off-season team training from October through February. My role was to oversee finances and budgets, league scheduling, field scheduling, tournament coordination, and individual team manager, but I was also responsible for all parent-team-coach relationships.


My personal experience as a baseball parent with one son who played his sport at a very high level, attracted me to the work of 3A Athletics. Having those experiences as a parent, seeing how those experiences effected me personally, seeing how they affected my relationships with my own children, as well as, the experiences of navigating the role of handling parent-athlete-coach-team relationship dynamics running a high level sports program  - made me realize that so much work needs to be done to change the culture of youth sports itself and led me to taking an active role as Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Marketing for 3A Athletics.


I am uniquely qualified to effectively launch, develop, manage and lead this outstanding business venture. My expertise will enable 3A Athletics to be exposed to a substantial audience that can be reached, educated and captured and help 3A Athletics be a sustainable model that truly benefits the families of baseball athletes and specifically the athlete, long term.

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